Friday, February 24, 2012

London Fashion Week Fave

Have just about been having conniptions over Meadham Kirchoff's A/W 12/13. Fun, playful and weird - all my favourite components in fashion. I love the eye and cherry motifs, the applique and the fuzzy wuzzy furriness and lurex knits. And to top it all off - glitter and sequins. Wowza. So glad to see crayon brights in a Autumn/Winter collection - so not dreary. All images WGSN. More to see at or the London Fashion Week website.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Who's the lady with the log?

AC: Who's the lady with the log?
ST: They call her the log lady

I watch Twin Peaks every few months - it's an old fave of mine and I usually just have it on in the background while I'm doing other stuff, I find it comforting and it helps me work. I've drawn some Twin Peaks related stuff and have only just gotten around to scanning it in so I can share. The others aren't done yet but I'll post some more later and turn the hardcopies into a zine. I'm well determined to get some zines out over the break.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I managed to spend most of 2011 being very busy and not posting anything at all. I'm not sure if 2012 will be much different really but I'm gonna try. But during uni break (I gots about 7 weeks left) I wanna do some still relevant retroactive posts on what I've been up to, what I'm into and where I'm headed.

I've had such a great year. I've learnt so much and am loving Melbourne and the Brunswick hood, my course has been super challenging/satisfying/fun, I also feel fucking lucky that I've been working at some really cool places and I've met some awesome people that I hope to call BFF's one day.

One of my favourite projects this year was called 'Telling Tales" and focussed on illustration skills and using a combination of photoshop and handmade elements to create a tactile book based on a fairytale. Here are some of my favourite pages from my final book based on 'The Fisherman and his Wife'. This year the book (or a version thereof) should be in an RMIT Arts exhibition. I'm be selling a rougher version as a zine later on in the year too.

Vali Myers: Wild Heart

I completed a woven textile design project last year and I drew most of my design inspiration from artist Vali Myers. Her art, image and spirit sent my imagination soaring. I'll edit this post later to include images of my pieces. Here are some of my favourite Vali pictures: (from and

Edit: Here are my weaving swatches that were inspired by Vali. Photos are a bit cruddy...
my workspace, mess next to loom

I used found materials and scraps I had at home; shredded jeans and old t-shirts etc
and used these as weft yarns and fringing

Yarns and silk and satin ribbons as fringing - spangly! spangly!

not an 'authentic' gypsy charm as Vali might wear but the best I could find in a pinch

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Arlene Texta Queen

I love this girl's style. Brights, textas, expressive, thought-provoking, funny - all that good stuff. Note to self: do more drawing.

More stuff on her website -

Oh and a really good interview (a few years old now) over at the design files and this article over at Art Month Sydney.

Image from Art Month Sydney

Image from The Design Files

By Alrene Texta Queen

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inspiration: Rex Ray

I love the way this guy works - I've always enjoyed cutting and pasting and this guy is a collage master. I dig the 50's mod/atomica looking shapes he uses, the haphazard colours and the detail and layering turns a simple technique into exquisitely designed, handmade pieces. I like that he found his signature niche/technique by accident too.

images by Rex Ray poached from:


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